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About Us

Eilidh Macdonald-Harte
Eilidh Macdonald-HarteChairwomen
Eilidh Macdonald-Harte is a master coach, novice mother … because her boys keep changing the rules. She is a dedicated believer in human potential to grow, develop & change. She is Chairman of U-Evolve & a business woman.
Lindsay Johnstone
Lindsay JohnstoneSecretary
Lindsay Johnstone is quick with numbers and takes part in the Park Run at weekends and the odd half marathon when she can. She works in the third sector and is passionate about contributing positively to the lives of others. When the weather isn’t so good, she can be found upholstering furniture bringing new life to beautiful pre loved pieces.
Mike Younger
Mike YoungerTreasurer
Mike is a finance director of many years in distribution and manufacturing businesses. He is a dad to three girls who he adores and is therefore easily won over. Mike is U-Evolve’s Treasurer and it’s his first foray into charitable volunteering where he hopes his financial discipline is better than his parenting.
Denis Ferrie
Denis Ferrie
Denis was a Senior Manager in the Residential Care and Education of young people for over 30 years. He drew inspiration from a belief that all young people, regardless of the challenges they face, wish to progress in school, make friends and have fun. Now, in his retirement, he finds a new sense of inspiration in the ambitions of U-Evolve and hopes to make a positive contribution to the achievement of their vision.
Lorna Hudson
Lorna Hudson
Lorna discovered while working for big companies that she is very good at seeing and nurturing the potential in people. Now she runs her very own small business doing exactly that and practises at home on her husband and three children, although they are far more challenging.
Shelley Hutton
Shelley HuttonCommunications, PR & Media
Shelley Hutton is a veteran manager with a housing charity and has previous Trustee experience at her sons’ after school club. She loves her volunteer time spent (mostly dodging balls and practicing her mental maths) with one of Spartans CFC Homework Clubs in North Edinburgh.
Tolga Kuyucuoglu
Tolga KuyucuogluProject Manager
Tolga is a skilled psychology master’s student- soon to be graduate, with extensive experience of various therapeutic practices. He is driven by helping others to realise their potential and is constantly finding new ways to stretch his own. He has experience in financial recruitment and managing both small and large teams in other roles.