Why I Became a Board Member with U-Evolve – Lorna Hudson

Published: 9 April 2020

I run my own training business and I remember meeting Eilidh 10 years ago.  I was studying to qualify as an NLP practitioner, she was co-delivering NLP training and we still work together today. 

When we’re working with people, she tends to work on the inside while I concentrate on the outside and I have to say we make a pretty good double act.

Persuaded by Eilidh

I didn’t go looking for a board appointment or to spend more time in meetings.  In fact, after 25 years of running my own business, my husband says I’m unemployable anyway.  But I was seduced by Eilidh’s passion for supporting troubled young people and flattered that she thought that I might be able to help as a board member. 

There was also something about the inherent unfairness in how many young people’s lives turn out that appealed to my strong sense of justice.

I’m proud of the things the organisation has achieved so far and the unique way it goes about doing it.  Just look at the demand for our service from young people.

Let them eat cake

I have to confess that I’m not a big fan of meetings, but our fellow board member Carlyle’s gorgeous cakes definitely make board meetings more enjoyable!

I love to confront issues and make a difference but I’m rather impatient.  Early in my career in sales and marketing I clearly remember being invited to a meeting about meeting etiquette.  Ten minutes after the scheduled finish time and to the horror of the rest of the department, I packed up and left to get on with something more useful.

Stick to what you’re best at

My favourite part of the role is applying what I’ve learned during my career to support Tolga and Ian, our two amazing therapeutic coaches. 

 I have spent a lot of my working life encouraging people to make better presentations, so I was recently delighted when we could work together developing a workshop on ACEs awareness. 

I don’t know much about ACEs, but I am very comfortable on my feet in front of an audience and I suppose I’m pretty gobby, so I was happy to act as MC for the workshop while they concentrated on delivering the technical stuff.

Check out this article from one of our therapeutic coaches on his experience working with U-Evolve and get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about our services!

Why I Became a Board Member with U-Evolve - Lorna Hudson
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Why I Became a Board Member with U-Evolve - Lorna Hudson
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