U Evolve

We deliver therapeutic coaching and personal skills development for children. Many children experience life changing events or have chaotic lives and we enable them to evolve and become resilient, secure and confident.

This develops positive mental and emotional health and the ability to remain in education, and to then move on to gain an apprenticeship, job or further their education.

SAM 11

I am confident now because I have learned how to be confident and sometimes I still have to boost my confidence and I can do that for myself now. Which is like having a super power.

We help young people develop their confidence.


Chloë 15

I feel secure in myself now. I used to be anxious and not trust anyone. I really felt everyone was out to get me. I have learned how to notice my feelings and think about them. I have learned to feel safe in myself.

We help young people overcome insecurities.



I am resilient. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking and taking drugs at 14. I was attacked one night by a group of lads and injured one of them badly. I didn’t mean to.

We help young people bounce back.


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