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Yvonne Linning

Guidance Teacher @ Craigroyston CHS

“The 1:1 service that U-Evolve offers, allows some of our most vulnerable students a safe and nurturing environment to be themselves without fear of judgment, disappointment or upset. The opportunity for the pupil to create a relationship with an additional trusted adult is invaluable and works wonders for their confidence, resilience and self-esteem. Many of our young people are highly anxious but look forward to, and often rely heavily upon, their 1: 1 sessions with the U-evolve team.”

Murray Cockburn

Guidance Teacher @ Broughton HS

“U-Evolve have delivered really informative sessions to our S2 PSE groups on mental health. The sessions have been relevant, timely and empathetic. Ian and Tolga have not only supported our curriculum but are also supporting our young people on a 1:1 basis. I also feel that having two men deliver these inputs has been incredibly beneficial to our young boys (and also our girls!).”

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