What do we do?

Our vision: We believe in a world where young people are confident, resilient and secure.

Our mission: We work with young people and front line professionals delivering a range of services to support young people to live happy and fulfilled lives.

We engage with young people aged 11 to 18 in North Edinburgh.

The young people we work with have often experienced trauma or multiple adverse childhood experiences. They hide their pain. We support them to recover, engage and own their futures so they can live happy fulfilled lives

We build trust by believing in young people.

We deliver a long term, pioneering blend of tailored therapy, coaching and youth work.

Who do we support?

Young people aged 11 to 18 in the Edinburgh area and are looking to get support for them through therapeutic coaching.

Perhaps you or your team benefit from attending ACE/Trauma informed workshops to better equip you to support young people.

Our work consistently brings strong benefits to the young person’s resilience, confidence and security in themselves.

What You Need

You need to work with an organistaion you can trust, who understands the challenges young people face, who are qualified and can provide the best quality support and education.

That’s where we come in.

How We Can Help You?

We provide three key services:

1-to-1 therapeutic coaching

Workshops for Young people

Workshops for front line professionals

Why we exist

We exist to address the need for increased emotional and practical support for ‘at risk’ young people across Edinburgh.

Our founder and Chair Eilidh Macdonald-Harte understands that “As the language of adverse childhood experiences has hit the national agenda, we are seeing an increase in the understanding and awareness of a young person’s distress. There is a call for greater compassion and understanding of young people and their behaviour and to look deeper at the anxiety and stress they face.”

U-evolve puts young people first

We transform young lives and develop young people to reach their potential.

What do we do?
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What do we do?
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