We are committed to sharing our impact

As a charity working with young people we understand the need for transparency and that’s why we have dedicated a page on our website to sharing with you the impact of our work and our commitment to supporting young people.

U-evolve exists to provide direct support to young people aged 11 to 18 who are facing mental health challenges and are disengaged from education. With, our support,  young people will strive for self-improvement, increased health and well-being and will reach positive destinations in life.
We strongly believe in working with young people before the point of crisis.

We have so far delivered


1-to1 therapuetic coaching with 750 young people


Pre-employabiity, Trauma and P7 transition workshops


Front line professionals

Case Study 3: Bobby

Case Study 3: Jessica

Case Study 2: Callum

Our latest Annual reports

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